Project Naša Drava

As a natural pearl, the Drava River connects four countries and represents the true potential for connecting and uniting various actors who can be meaningfully included in various forms of development of the area, from the development of sports tourism and cultural offer on the river to nature conservation tourism. Developing and enriching product potentials create the conditions for new jobs, also known as green jobs.

We have also recognised these opportunities in the 45-member international partnership. We are proud of the partnership's multi-sector composition, as it includes local communities, public institutions, various associations, and businesses in addition to Local Action Groups (LAS).

Project purpose:

To enhance what is happening on and along the river while adhering to environmental standards. Get the area along the Drava River listed as a 5-star experience tourism destination. Development of new green tourism products that combine sport, nature, and history. Tourism, as one of the world's key socio-economic development factors, has an impact on global development, prosperity, and well-being. This is why it has become necessary to ensure long-term and sustainable development at the macro level of destinations and at the micro level of each area that emerges as a tourist destination and in tourist activity. Slovenia has many exceptional landscapes that represent Slovenian identity while also being recognised on a European scale.

The operation, which is partially co-financed by the EU through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development under measure 19.3, represents an innovative integrated approach to presenting our natural and cultural heritage that is actively intertwined with recreation and movement in nature. As a result of the operation, a calendar of events on and along the riverbed is planned, as well as the revitalization or upgrading of at least three substantive activities on the river, the establishment of a programme for the development of sports and nature conservation activities, the preparation of promotional materials, printed materials, presentation of the offer on and along the Drava River, as well as on the online portal and digital promotion throughout the operation, the preparation of legal bases (conceptual design, project documentation) for the establishment of a network of entry and exit points on the riverbed, passage across the riverbed, care for preventing the spread of invasive alien species, and establishing a foundation for the development of e-mobility along the Drava and the long-term establishment of an e-bike rental system along the Drava River, allowing the user to easily plan and move along it.

Financial framework of the project: The total estimated value of the project for all partners is €914,872.55, of which €671,404.38 is a grant.


  • Development and implementation of a joint nature conservation tourism sport product, and 5-star experience.
  • Reducing the spread of invasive alien species, as well as the removal of ragweed and other allergenic plants (organization of a voluntary work campaign in cooperation with the Municipality of Hajdina and the PIP Institute).
  • Establishment of the Mobile App Drava Bike – Drava Cycling Route.
  • Purchase of equipment for the implementation of organised river descents on the Drava.
  • Restoration of tern-tourist boats, as well as the purchase of equipment for conducting audio-guided tours of natural values on the Drava.
  • Creating the conditions for the establishment of an e-bike rental system along the Drava.
  • Experiential content creation and implementation on and along the Drava River.
  • Creating a long-term, unified management system for the Drava as a natural resource.

Main project activities

Leisure and excursions as a component of the tourist value chain include tourist organisations, independent tourist guides, transportation guides, and various tourist packages that allow guests to experience the destination. The Drava River, which flows through ten included Local Action Groups and is an untapped natural potential that connects two regions and two countries and calls for connection and cooperation, represents the area's uniqueness and yet "unexplored" destination.

The increased visibility of the river as a sports and nature conservation tourism potential, which will be developed into a new recreational nature conservation tourism product with an innovative connecting approach, lays the groundwork for the creation of new so-called green jobs. This is also the reason for the cooperation operation, which spans the entire Slovenian section of the Drava riverbed, from the border with Croatia to the confluence of the Mura and Drava rivers.

Previously, excellent cooperation was established along the Drava River on the topic of establishing the Drava Cycling Route and thus its resurgence. With this operation, we hope to improve the content of the cycling route by adding other options for recreation or gathering along the Drava River. Along with the development of sports activities on and along the Drava River, historical events such as gold washing, rafting, glasswork, and so on, play a critical role in the creation of content that attracts visitors to the river. There is something for everyone. In terms of gold washing, we will strengthen international cooperation, which will result in an intensive exchange of knowledge with LAG Mura Drava partners who already represent these contents.

On the topic of environmental protection, we will exchange knowledge in the field of children's inclusion and informing them, with a focus on the preservation and protection of natural heritage and biodiversity, which we will implement in collaboration with another Croatian partner, LAG Međimurski doli i bregi.

NAŠA DRAVA Project activities are classified as either investment or non-investment content.

Investment content:

  • Purchase of rafts, trailers, kayaks, canoes, and all other equipment required for a safe descent on the Drava River;
  • renovation of the Tern tourist boat on Ptuj Lake and installing an audio guide;
  • restoration of the raft towing boat;
  • production of a tourist raft;
  • installation of rest areas with urban park equipment;
  • purchase of e-bikes and establishment of e-stops along the river;
  • purchase of basic equipment for the control of alien invasive species for biodiversity conservation purposes;
  • mobile application Drava Bike, an application with a presentation of the Drava Cycling Route, as well as other content from the Drava River;
  • purchase of an electric vehicle;
  • info boards.

Softer content activities:

  • promotional events and promotion of activities, designing 5-star experiences along the Drava River;
  • preparation of bird monitoring along the Drava River, e-guide to the Drava River, event e-calendar;
  • a model of sustainable riverbed visitation has been developed, established and implemented;
  • implementation of a plan for the management of school groups along the Drava River, for learning about the natural diversity along the Drava River;
  • 16 thematic workshops: glasswork, gold washing, rafting, archaeology, the importance of the Drava for the economies around it, rowing regatta, granting gold washing rights, history of the Drava from the Austrian border to Ormož;
  • preparation of project documentation for the water tow;
  • development of a conceptual design for entry and exit points (for the establishment of a network of entry and exit points on the river along the Slovenian coast).

Expected results of the project:

  • Developed module for the Drava riverbed's sustainable revitalization.
  • Developed tourist sports natural science products.
  • Designed e-guide on the Drava River – themes: nature, education, sport, history, events.
  • Conceptual design for the establishment of entry and exit points on the Drava River and its tributaries.
  • Prepared project documentation for the water tow.
  • Prepared calendar of events on and along the Drava River.
  • Established sports and tourism infrastructure.


In developing the NAŠA DRAVA project, we went with the vision of developing additional content for existing living projects. We were especially interested in where our contribution to the development of additional offerings, the development of new innovative and experience-oriented products, how we can involve existing actors on and along the river in a common story, and together create a new 5-star green product that will be affordable and appealing enough for both visitors and providers to adopt as their own. There is no need to be concerned about ensuring sustainability with all of the objectives and results in place.