Drava Cycling Route rest stops and information boards - "Drava Bike"

With the development of the new Drava Cycling Route concept came the creation of a new graphic image of the Drava Cycling Route, laying the groundwork for the integrated development of the product and the construction of new cycling infrastructure.

The Drava Cycling Route graphic image in Slovenia and Croatia is based on the "DravaBike" logo. Based on this, we created a new concept for cyclist rest stops that feature this logo prominently. The guidelines for equipment and layout allow us to adhere to the established concept.

A rest stop is designed to provide relaxation, rest, and enjoyment in nature. This is also the purpose of the new cycling route. We wanted to portray the connection with rafting and rafts, which were the most recognisable element on the Drava in the past, using a combination of wood or boards.

The new rest stops are made up of several components that allow the layout and equipment of the rest stop to be adjusted based on location, needs, and available space. They can be covered or uncovered.

We followed the Austrian concept of rest stops with the "DravaBike" rest stops, which we slightly upgraded by adding the Slovenian stamp with the DravaBike logo. The elements allow the rest stop to be tailored to the needs of the specific location while also visually blending into both the natural and more urban environments.

The covered cycling "DravaBike" rest stop is similar to the uncovered rest stop, but it has an added roof and a rear side. This side can also be used to mount information boards. In addition to the roof, the covered cycling rest stop has bicycle racks, a bench, and a table. Near the covered rest stop, a "DravaBike" bin shall also be placed.

"DravaBike" information boards with wooden posts and a steel bracket with the DravaBike logo can also be placed near rest stops. We can use 2 types of information boards. The board can thus display the entire stage of the cycling route or just a section in a specific municipality. The Guidelines for the Design and Layout of Information "DravaBike" Boards provide detailed instructions for the design of "DravaBike" information boards.

RRA Koroška developed guidelines for the equipment and placement of rest stops on the Drava Cycling Route in 2018. Uroš Rozman and Aleš Rupreht participated in the project group.

15 Drava Bike rest stops with various elements and information boards were set up as part of the Naša Drava project. We have improved the area along the Drava River and on the Drava Cycling Route by establishing these rest stops.