Drava Festival – Events on and along the Drava River

The Drava River, the source of life, was instrumental in the development of many areas of the Drava Valley and Dravsko polje. The Drava has the longest navigable tradition of any Styrian river, with rafting on the Drava dating back more than 500 years. Every year, the river hosts a variety of activities, including events that preserve the rafting and boating traditions.

The Drava Festival aims to bring the Drava River and its many features closer to locals, raise awareness of a healthy and quality living environment, and emphasize the importance of its preservation.

The Drava Cycling Route - Drava Bike, which runs along the Drava River and connects 21 municipalities, allows you to cycle to the most beautiful corners of the Drava River and its descent locations. You can also combine cycling with taking the train.