Naša Drava project: with boats on the river and bicycles along its banks

Many people who live along this European river, which originates in Toblach in northern Italy and flows into the Danube in the Croatian Aljmaš near Osijek, wish to take a boat ride along the old riverbed. Activities along and on the Drava River in Spodnje Podravje almost died down after the construction of HPP Formin and the arrangement of Lake Ptuj. Bathers have not been seen in the Drava for a long time, but fishermen can be seen sitting in the bushes by the river, and on a hot summer day, you can see someone rowing down the Drava.

"Our primary goal is to present the Drava River as an endless source of experience in accordance with all nature protection standards, while also adding a new appealing offer to existing projects that will entice visitors to return. We are betting on an adventurous offer, but we also want to recall some historical facts about the Drava River. We designed interactive workshops that allow visitors to transform into gold washers, rafters, and glassworkers in the upper Drava River. We must, of course, keep safety in mind when designing all of these activities, because rowing on the river necessitates specific knowledge and experience. We are establishing a network of rest stops for cyclists and hikers, who will also be able to rent bicycles. Entry-exit points on the Drava and Dravinja are currently unrealized projects, but municipalities have plans for their installation. As project partners, we are convinced that this is also a good foundation for creating new, so-called green jobs."