Results of the operation NAŠA DRAVA

The Drava River, which flows through 4 countries (Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia), was already identified as a potential at the time the Naša Drava operation was registered. At the conclusion of the operation, we note that we have discovered a sleeping beauty that calls for connecting, bringing together various actors, discovering hidden corners, natural beauties, and newly discovered activities that can be sensibly included in various forms of offer. When we combine this with the beautiful natural features and rich biodiversity of both animal and plant species, we get the potential that the international partnership of 10 Local Action Groups is well aware of during the operation. There were numerous workshops, descents, and events held along and on the Drava River. Local action groups have benefited from the new experiences and wonderful partnerships formed during the operation's implementation. We, the partners, are committed to maintaining cooperation and developing new approaches, new products, and a new offer on and along the Drava River, positioning it alongside more recognisable water bodies while ensuring that nature is not burdened, allowing us to learn from others' experiences.

At the end of the operation, the Naša Drava partnership achieved the following overall results:

  • An e-guide has been prepared that includes a historical overview of events and activities along and on the Drava River (rafting, rowing regatta, glasswork, gold panning,...).
  • Upgrade of the Drava festival website, with a new tab for the Naša Drava project.
  • Translation of the website into English, German, and Croatian.
  • Flyer/leaflet – presentation of experiences on and along the Drava River.
  • Drava Bike mobile app.
  • The Drava riverbed's entry and exit points have been conceptually designed.
  • Organisation and execution of a professional excursion to Croatia, including a tour of examples of best practices and an exchange of knowledge and methods for presenting the Drava heritage in the LAG Mura Drava area.
  • Study visit of Croatian LAG in the area of partner LAG Naša Drava in Slovenia
  • Developed the Nature conservation e-guide and model of sustainable visiting of protected areas along the Drava River.
  • Annual monitoring and reporting on the Ptuj and Ormož lakes, 10-day inventory - recording the state of the Drava River throughout the LAG partnership in Slovenia.



  • The restored tern is equipped with an audio guide.
  • Purchase of 32-person rafts and all required equipment (life jackets, helmets, paddles).
  • Purchase of transport trailers for the transport of rafts and vessels.
  • Purchase of kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards, as well as related equipment.

Results of TOTI LAG

  • Built a small raft (for 6 persons).
  • Mobile rafting exhibition featuring a historical display of Drava's technical and cultural heritage in transportation and rafting.
  • Culinary and cultural events were held on the raft.
  • A large raft Hlodovec was made – reconstruction of the raft Hlodovec.
  • A sports and recreation centre is established (mini basketball court, stilts, climbing wall, multi-purpose sand field, sports workshops).

Results of LAG Lastovica

  • A short film about the Roman mound in Miklavž.
  • Urban equipment of six rest stops for cyclists along the Drava Cycling Route - Drava Bike.
  • Documentation for a wire basket across the Drava River (with the participation of the Municipality of Starše and the Municipality of Duplek from the LAG Ovtar).
  • Performance of a historical event – granting of rights for gold washing on the left bank and display or presentation of gold washing on the right bank - in Zlatoličje (participation or joint event of LAG Lastovica and LAG Ovtar).
  • Upgrade of the gold washing product in the area of the municipality of Starše – upgrade of the Zlata Drava project.

Results of LAG Ovtar

  • Establishing a rest stop for cyclists in the Recreation Center Gramoznica in Zgornji Duplek, as well as purchasing urban equipment.
  • Prepared project documentation for entry-exit points on the Drava and Dravinja riverbeds (all LAS).
  • Workshop with a rowing regatta demonstration - the meaning of the Drava and life along the Drava
  • The granting of rights for gold washing from the Drava River was demonstrated (short scene).
  • Organisation and execution of a professional excursion to Croatia, including a tour of examples of best practices and an exchange of knowledge and methods for presenting the Drava heritage in the LAG Mura Drava area.

Results of LAG UE Ormož

  • Purchase of 6 electric bicycles and bicycle equipment.
  • Established 4 cyclist rest stops and 2 electric bicycle rest stops.
  • Purchase of canoes with equipment and trailers for their transport.
  • Performed a project report on radio Prlek.
  • Organised and conducted workshop "History of Drava from Ptuj to Ormož".
  • Implementation of a sports event for vulnerable groups.
  • Organised and conducted Ornithological excursion.
  • Presentation of recreational opportunities on and along the Drava River with a descent along the Drava River and cuisine along the Drava River.
  • Participation in events of other LASs in the project within the DS Development of new content with implementation in the field.
  • Organisation and implementation of a sporting event.

Results of LAG Haloze

  • Municipality of Cirkulane: created an information board (about the Drava River and Borl Castle), purchased bike racks, benches, and lamps, and published archaeology publications.
  • Municipality of Gorišnica: purchase of three tables with benches.
  • Municipality of Podlehnik: establishment of a bicycle station for electric bicycles, purchase of four electric bicycles, preparation of a leaflet, and installation of a presentation board.
  • Municipality of Zavrč: establishment of a bicycle shed for electric bicycles, purchase of four electric bicycles, purchase of six bicycles.
  • Municipality of Majšperk: establishment of a bicycle shed for electric bicycles, purchase of four electric bicycles.

Results of LAG DRAVA

  • Purchase of five electric bicycles.
  • Establishment of seven charging stations for electric bicycles.
  • Conducting a workshop on glasswork.

Results of LAG MDD

  • Procurement and arrangement of sports infrastructure and equipment on the cycling path along the Drava River.
  • Installation of cycling rest stops, procurement of urban mobile equipment for sports activities (e-bikes, cycling equipment, water sports equipment – kayaks, etc.)
  • Naša Drava Mobile Exhibition.
  • Documentary film Naša Drava, the history of the Drava River from the Austrian border to Maribor.

Results of LAG Međimurski doli i bregi

  • Conducting a study trip to Slovenia – 50 members.
  • Production of the educational game Moje Međimurje for all generations.
  • Production of promotional material.
  • Participation in workshops on the Slovenian side.
  • Implementation of workshops for children (two-day field workshop for children from kindergartens).

Results of LAG Mura Drava

  • Study trip to Slovenia for 30 members from the area of both LAGs Mura-Drava.
  • Implementation and organisation of the study trip of Slovenian LAGs to the area of LAG Mura Drava, Mura-Drava.
  • Participation in two thematic workshops with the Slovenian LAGs.
  • Organised partnership meeting of all LAGs in the area of both LAGs.
  • Promotional activities - designed roll up, and promotional material.